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<br /> SIMULATION SOFTWARE: History and survey of popular tools<br /> October 2011<br /> Volume 38 · Number 5<br /> Rx for the<br /> ER<br /> How service delivery<br /> model improves<br /> emergency department<br /> performance<br /> A L S O I N S I D E:<br /> · REPRODUCIBLE RESEARCH<br /> What it is and why the O.R. community<br /> should care about it<br /> · SUPPLY CHAIN GAME<br /> Intel, Georgia Tech develop<br /> interactive SCM teaching tool<br /> · MERGING PARADIGMS<br /> Coupling evolutionary algorithms<br /> and multi-agent systems<br /> Extending AIMMS with<br /> Constraint Programming<br /> Constraint Programming, A must-have tool in any O.R. practitioner's toolkit<br /> &ROM/2-34ODAY !UGUST BY(RISHIKESH'ANU<br /> “Constraint programming (CP) is distinguished by its inference techniques and<br /> modeling power.”<br /> “From practical examples it is apparent that co<a title="ORMS Today page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=1"> SIMULATION SOFTWARE: History and survey of popula</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=2"> Extending AIMMS with Constraint Programmi</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 3" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=3"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 4" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=4"> Departments 4 Inside Story 6 Presiden</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 5" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=5"> DATA MINING POWER MADE EASY </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 6" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=6"> INSIDE STORY Another dose of O.R. </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 7" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=7"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 8" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=8"> INFORMS President Rina Schneur rina.schneur@veri</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 9" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=9"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 10" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=10"> ISSUES IN EDUCATION Outstanding in the f</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 11" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=11"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 12" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=12"> ISSUES IN EDUCATION IIE, continued from p.</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 13" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=13"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 14" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=14"> THE PUZZLOR Movie stars BY JOHN TOCZE</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 15" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=15"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 16" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=16"> O.R. IN THE NEWS Trucker math and travel</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 17" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=17"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 18" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=18"> O.R. IN THE NEWS O.R. in the News, contin</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 19" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=19"> April 15-17, 2012 Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa Hunt</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 20" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=20"> LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Salute to Adm. M</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 21" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=21"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 22" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=22"> VIEWPOINT Sex and metaheuristic metaphors </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 23" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=23"> viewed from the stand- point of overall effica- c</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 24" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=24"> Reproducible (Operations) Research By Scott Nest</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 25" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=25"> Using the definition of Baggerly and Berry, re</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 26" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=26"> REPRODUCIBLE O.R. Motivations to Work Repr</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 27" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=27"> computer. Within the statistical community, the f</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 28" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=28"> REPRODUCIBLE O.R. ments,” attempted to dra</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 29" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=29"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 30" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=30"> REPRODUCIBLE O.R. the motivation for what </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 31" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=31"> AMPL MEANS BUSINESS Modeling Software for Large</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 32" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=32"> Rx for the ER Service delivery model greatly impr</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 33" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=33"> ers move to performance-based reimbursement and a</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 34" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=34"> Rx FOR THE ER have up to 7 percent of </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 35" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=35"> As simple as it may sound, the process em</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 36" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=36"> Rx FOR THE ER and variability are meas</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 37" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=37"> D2D (door to doctor) to its theoretical lowest li</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 38" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=38"> Smarter technology for a Smarter Planet: The an</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 39" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=39"> IBM, the IBM logo, ibm.com, Smarter Planet and th</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 40" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=40"> Image © Kheng Guan Toh | Agency: Dreamstime.com </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 41" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=41"> G eorgia Tech'</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 42" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=42"> SUPPLY CHAIN GAME lead time, and assumed t</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 43" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=43"> 5. Profit is calculated for the current period, </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 44" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=44"> SUPPLY CHAIN GAME We designed two </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 45" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=45"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 46" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=46"> Agent-based evolutionary algorithms: Emerging p</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 47" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=47"> to his rapidly changing situation.” In a MAS, the</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 48" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=48"> AGENT-BASED EVOLUTIONARY ALGORITHMS assumption</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 49" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=49"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 50" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=50"> AGENT-BASED EVOLUTIONARY ALGORITHMS that evolu</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 51" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=51"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 52" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=52"> INFORMS 2011 ANNUAL MEETING TransfORmation No</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 53" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=53"> INSIDE P. 52 Guide to Exhibitors P. 55 Beijing</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 54" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=54"> INFORMS Annual Meeting 2011 Charlotte S GUIDE T</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 55" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=55"> S IBM: ILOG OPTIMIZATION - #113, 115, 117 www.ib</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 56" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=56"> GUIDE TO EXHIBITORS Guide to Exhibitors continue</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 57" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=57"> INFORMS INTERNATIONAL BEIJING 2012 On behalf </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 58" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=58"> Software S Survey By James J. Swain Simulati</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 59" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=59"> came fast; within a few years the digital program</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 60" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=60"> Software S Survey planted text as the predomin</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 61" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=61"> vendors. Products that run on personal computers </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 62" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=62"> S O F T W A R E P R O D U C T L I S T I N</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 63" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=63"> Model Building Animation Support Training </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 64" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=64"> S O F T W A R E P R O D U C T L I S T I N</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 65" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=65"> Model Building Animation Support Training </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 66" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=66"> S O F T W A R E P R O D U C T L I S T I N</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 67" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=67"> Model Building Animation Support Training </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 68" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=68"> S O F T W A R E P R O D U C T L I S T I N</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 69" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=69"> Model Building Animation Support Training </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 70" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=70"> S O F T W A R E P R O D U C T L I S T I N</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 71" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=71"> — </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 72" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=72"> Decision Explorer® “Map” your way to a better und</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 73" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=73"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 74" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=74"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMI</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 75" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=75"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NAVAL POSTGRADU</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 76" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=76"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 77" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=77"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING PRODUCTION and OPERATIONS</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 78" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=78"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 79" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=79"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING FACULTY POSITIONS The Y</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 80" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=80"> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Assistant Pr</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 81" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=81"> ORGANIZING COMMITTEE General Chair Jian Chen Tsi</a> <a title="ORMS Today page 82" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=82"> ORACLE The composer's parable BY DOUG </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 83" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=83"> </a> <a title="ORMS Today page 84" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/16a9b968?page=84"> </a>