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<br /> CEDRICARMAND<br /> A short biography and glimpse about Cedric<br /> Armand's screenplay, “Red Swan.' The Model-Writer.<br /> Reminiscence<br /> Close-up and Personal<br /> By Sharron Battle<br /> While sitting with Cedric I discovered a<br /> whole host of qualities that are<br /> undeniably present. Just to share a few<br /> descriptors, he is warm-hearted,<br /> intelligent, charismatic, and strikingly<br /> handsome with “boyish” charm. He<br /> possesses impeccable candor and<br /> magnetism that unknowingly draws you<br /> in.<br /> Armand has come from very humble<br /> beginnings', the rural backwoods of<br /> Mississippi, where the promise of<br /> making it big seemed far from reach.<br /> “There are nothing but cotton fields<br /> where I grew up,” said Armand. “But<br /> it's the same birthplace where well-<br /> known celebrities like Morgan Freeman<br /> and Oprah were born, from the same<br /> neck of the woods.” This gentleman<br /> definit<a title="Armand_PressRelease_Final vs1.pdf page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/18e74866?page=1"> CEDRICARMAND A short biography and glimpse about </a> <a title="Armand_PressRelease_Final vs1.pdf page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/18e74866?page=2"> RED SWAN The new up-and-comer, Cedric Armand, the</a>