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<br /> The Official Publication of The North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries<br /> May 2010 / Issue 5 / Vol. 11<br /> Also Inside!<br /> Multi-State, Multi-Vendor Contract<br /> Breaks New Ground for Lotteries<br /> Page 4<br /> Bloc-Buster Trial and Sales<br /> Independent Lottery Research<br /> Page 24<br /> Making the Switch:<br /> Can Statewide Lottery Tracking Studies Safely<br /> Transition into the Internet Age?<br /> Page 26<br /> First Quarter Calendar Sales<br /> By Product 2009 vs. 2010<br /> Page 30<br /> Kathleen Burke, Executive Director of the Ohio Lottery posses at<br /> Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio promoting the launch of Powerball.<br /> Lottery Insights - May 2010 - Issue 5 - Vol. 11<br /> From The President<br /> A Letter From The NASPL President: Margaret DeFrancisco 3<br /> Association News<br /> Multi-State, Multi-Vendor Contract Breaks New Ground<br /> for Lotteries <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=1"> The Official Publication of The North American As</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=2"> Lottery Insights - May 2010 - Issue 5 - Vol. 11 </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 3" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=3"> T his issue marks the m</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 4" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=4"> Multi-State, Multi-Vendor Contract Breaks New Gro</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 5" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=5"> </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 6" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=6"> (From page 4) For help in this process, lotteries</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 7" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=7"> </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 8" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=8"> Ohio Launches Powerball A Conversation with Ohio</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 9" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=9"> </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 10" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=10"> arrived with suitcases full of money, creating on</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 11" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=11"> Ohio Retailers Launch Powerball Sales; Game Start</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 12" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=12"> excitement and surprise in the most unexpected pl</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 13" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=13"> <<<<<<<<<< Lottery Insights - May 2010 1</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 14" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=14"> Television Commercial Featuring Powerball Arrivin</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 15" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=15"> The 44 lotteries NOW selling Powerball are: Arizo</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 16" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=16"> California Lottery Continues to Bet on Education </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 17" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=17"> </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 18" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=18"> NASPL ‘10 Call For Entries Now Available! I </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 19" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=19"> NASPL‘10 IS GETTING CLOSER! With spring arriving</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 20" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=20"> From left to right : Mr. Raymond Goudreault, Seni</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 21" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=21"> the facility’s previous annual capacity of approx</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 22" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=22"> Intralot USA Vice President, John Pittman, Receiv</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 23" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=23"> “The Kentucky Lottery looks forward to contin</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 24" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=24"> Bloc-Buster Trial and Sales By Margaret Mueller P</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 25" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=25"> Question: Did you spend more than you usually spe</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 26" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=26"> Making the Switch Can Statewide Lottery Tracking </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 27" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=27"> conversion, but to share the implications of our </a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 28" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=28"> Key areas to address are the Internet sampling pl</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 29" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=29"> revealed that both aided and unaided awareness fo</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 30" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=30"> First Quarter Calendar Sales By Product - 2009 vs</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 31" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=31"> First Quarter Calendar Sales By Product - 2009 vs</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 32" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=32"> First Quarter Calendar Sales By Product - 2009 vs</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 33" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=33"> First Quarter Calendar Sales By Product - 2009 vs</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 34" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=34"> First Quarter Calendar Sales By Product - 2009 vs</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 35" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=35"> Hosted by the Wisconsin Lottery Madison Concourse</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 36" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=36"> Stephen L. Martino selected by Gov. Martin O’Mall</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 37" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=37"> New Washington Lottery Director Appointed Gov. Ch</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 38" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=38"> 2010 NASPL Lottery Leadership Institute Q</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 39" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=39"> ������������������ Click Here to Regis</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 40" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=40"> September 22 - 24, 2010 NASPL ’10 Annual Conferen</a> <a title="May.Issue.2010 page 41" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/1ee1d96d?page=41"> </a>