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<br /> NEW: EZ BALLAST<br /> THE NEW EZ BALLAST ENABLES OPTIMUM<br /> BALLASTING OF YOUR TRACTOR<br /> EZ Ballast is especially beneficial to farmers and contractors who<br /> frequently need to switch between field and road applications. You can<br /> add or remove the 1.7 tonne weight in seconds, at the touch of a button,<br /> without needing to step down from the cab.<br /> NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE<br /> ADD HEAVY BALLAST<br /> – WITH A LIGHT<br /> TOUCH<br /> – A 1.7 tonne ballast weight is attached to the bottom of<br /> the tractor in seconds<br /> – Keep the recommended front and rear weight split of<br /> the tractor<br /> – Front/rear hitches remain free for other implements<br /> – Fast, safe and easy operation from the tractor cab<br /> – Releasing the ballast will save fuel cost and increase the<br /> payload during transport applications.<br /> – Adding the correct amount of ballast will increase<br /> productivity in the field<br<a title="34AG.2017.104113.01_ENG_GB page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/263aaae8?page=1"> NEW: EZ BALLAST THE NEW EZ BALLAST ENABLES OPTIMU</a> <a title="34AG.2017.104113.01_ENG_GB page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/263aaae8?page=2"> ADD HEAVY BALLAST – WITH A LIGHT TOUCH – A 1.7 t</a>