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<br /> PIZZA TAKEAWAY<br /> 1 Monky Tonky: Tomatsauce, ost og kødsauce.<br /> Monky Tonky: Tomato sauce, cheese and meat sauce.<br /> 2 Maja: Tomatsauce, ost, skinke, bacon og bearnaisesauce.<br /> Maja: Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, bacon and bearnaise sauce.<br /> 3 Vegetariano: Tomatsauce, ost og grillede grøntsager.<br /> Vegetariano: Tomato sauce, cheese and grilled vegetables.<br /> 4 Hawaii: Tomatsauce, ost, skinke og ananas.<br /> Hawaiian: Tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple.<br /> 5 Salatpizza: Vælg mellem kebab, kylling eller skinke.<br /> Tomatsauce, ost, salat og cremefraiche-dressing.<br /> Salad pizza: Choose from kebab, chicken or ham.<br /> Tomato sauce, cheese, salad and crème fraîche dressing.<br /> 6 Prosciutto: Tomatsauce, ost og skinke.<br /> Prosciutto: Tomato sauce, cheese and ham.<br /> 7 Pepperoni: Tomatsauce, ost og pepperoni.<br /> Pepperoni: Tomat<a title="Ristorante il Bambino page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/8950e46b?page=1"> PIZZA TAKEAWAY 1 Monky Tonky: Tomatsauce, ost o</a>