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<br /> MENUFORSASPLUS<br /> ALL FLIGHTS<br /> BREAKFASTOFTHEDAY<br /> Always free in SAS PLUS.<br /> RESTOFTHEDAY<br /> Choose your favorite snack and drink from the menu.<br /> Always free in SAS PLUS.<br /> OUTSIDETHENORDICS<br /> New or<br /> trave er in<br /> SAS PLUS<br /> f<br /> ls<br /> !<br /> EVENINGMEAL<br /> On flights after 4 PM with drinks<br /> of your choice.<br /> OTHER TASTY BITES<br /> Choose between flatbread pizza,<br /> foody salad, sandwich of the day or<br /> snack of your choice.<br /> What’s the difference between the menus ‘all flights’ and<br /> ‘flights outside the Nordics’?<br /> A selection including breakfast and a variety of snacks and drinks is on offer on all SAS flights. When flying outside<br /> the Nordics, we are able to offer you a wider selection. To see which offering is applicable to your flight, we’ve<br /> marked the All flight section in green and the Outside the Nordics section in blue.<br /> When you need a lot!<a title="v14_SASP_0002_Menykort_3_6s page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/a97992bd?page=1"> MENUFORSASPLUS ALL FLIGHTS BREAKFASTOFTHEDAY A</a> <a title="v14_SASP_0002_Menykort_3_6s page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/a97992bd?page=2"> ALL FLIGHTS MENUS Breakfast of the day</a>