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<br /> SOUTH AFRICA<br /> Ho d ay<br /> li s<br /> WELCOME TO FLIGHT CENTRE<br /> At Flight Centre, we employ people with a passion for travel. We are committed to ensuring our team<br /> members are afforded the opportunity to experience the holidays they sell.This gives you the comfort<br /> knowing that you are engaging with experienced travellers who can give you expert advice and tips, giving<br /> you confidence in your choice.<br /> All our hotels, experiences and tours in our hand-picked selection of Beach Escapes have been approved by<br /> our travel experts, so you know that you’re in good hands having booked your holiday through Flight Centre.<br /> We’ll craft the holiday of a lifetime designed to suit your exact requirements and deliver value every time.<br /> Whether you choose to engage with us in one of our more than 100 stores, on our Flight Centre website<br /> orthroughournewTravelApp,theteamofFlightCentretravelexpertsisonhandtodeliverpersonalised<br<a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=1"> SOUTH AFRICA Ho d ay li s</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=2"> WELCOME TO FLIGHT CENTRE At Flight Centre, we e</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 3" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=3"> Where will your next local getaway take you? </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 4" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=4"> LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT YO</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 5" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=5"> 0877 40 51 00 | flightcentre.co.za </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 6" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=6"> 6 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 7" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=7"> HOW TO USE F THIS BROCHURE R This b</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 8" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=8"> SOUTH AFRICA City slickers, bush babies and lov</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 9" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=9"> Robberg, Garden Route 0877 40 51 00 | flig</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 10" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=10"> WESTERN CAPE 10 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 11" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=11"> Bloubergstrand, Western Cape WESTERN CAPE </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 12" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=12"> Don’t deny yourself the undeniable beauty of the </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 13" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=13"> Maidens Cove, Cape Town WESTERN CAPE H</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 14" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=14"> CAMPS BAY VILLAGE F R S SC C A</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 15" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=15"> Vineyard, Stellenbosch WESTERN CAPE HOTELS TH</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 16" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=16"> KWAZULU NATAL 16 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 17" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=17"> Amphitheatre, Drakensberg KWAZULU NATAL </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 18" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=18"> Tame your desire to head to the sun-kissed KwaZul</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 19" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=19"> Beachfront, Durban KWAZULU NATAL HOTELS URBAN</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 20" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=20"> FAIRMONT ZIMBALI RESORT F R A BA</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 21" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=21"> Durban City Lighthouse KWAZULU NATAL HOTELS G</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 22" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=22"> WILD COAST& GARDEN ROUTE 22 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 23" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=23"> Coffee Bay, Wild Coast WILD COAST & GARDEN R</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 24" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=24"> Untamed, unspoilt and under your nose – the stunn</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 25" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=25"> Sedgefield, Garden Route WILD COAST & GA</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 26" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=26"> NORTH WEST & LIMPOPO 26 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 27" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=27"> Pilanesberg National Park, North West NORTH WES</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 28" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=28"> SUN CITY Just a few hours from Gauteng, but worl</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 29" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=29"> Aerial view of Sun City NORTH WEST HOTELS</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 30" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=30"> PILANESBERG You won’t need to be a bush baby to </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 31" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=31"> Elephants, Pilanesberg NORTH WEST HOTELS BAKU</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 32" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=32"> Renowned for its endangered population of African</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 33" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=33"> Giraffe, Madikwe Game Reserve NORTH WEST HOTEL</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 34" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=34"> 34 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 35" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=35"> Kudu, Bela Bela Area LIMPOPO HOTELS BELA</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 36" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=36"> 36 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 37" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=37"> Welgevonden Nature Reserve LIMPOPO HOTELS WEL</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 38" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=38"> MPUMALANGA & THE KRUGER NATIONALPARK 38 </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 39" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=39"> Rhinos, Kruger National Park MPUMALANGA & THE </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 40" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=40"> MPUMALANGA The glorious Lowveld, with its misty </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 41" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=41"> Blyde River Canyon MPUMALANGA HOTELS CASA DO </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 42" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=42"> THE KRUGER NATION If you haven’t been to Kruger</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 43" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=43"> Kruger National Park THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 44" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=44"> THORNYBUSH GAME LODGE F R A AI </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 45" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=45"> Kruger National Park THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK</a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 46" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=46"> </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 47" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=47"> TERMS AND CONDITIONS Flight Centre Travel Group </a> <a title="FCH_SA_19LR page 48" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/c921b4ea?page=48"> </a>