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<br /> NEW<br /> March 20–21, 2014<br /> July 15–16, 2014<br /> Cambridge<br /> Massachusetts, U.S.<br /> Please visit our website<br /> for the most current<br /> information.<br /> Maximizing Your Personal Productivity<br /> This program is in the Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership track<br /> “Since the Great Recession, many professionals have been facing<br /> more challenging schedules and more daunting to-do lists. This<br /> makes it all the more important for professionals to be able to get<br /> their work done quickly and effectively.”<br /> — Robert Pozen<br /> Program Overview<br /> Counting the hours you spend at work makes no<br /> senseforprofessionals;theircontributionshouldbe<br /> judged by what they achieve.Yet so many organiza-<br /> tions still bill by the hour, or emphasize face time in<br /> theoffice.MaximizingYourPersonalProductivitywill<br /> show you how to get more done in fewer hours, so<br /> you have more time<a title="Maximizing Your Personal Productivity page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/f547d03d?page=1"> NEW March 20–21, 2014 July 15–16, 2014 Cambridge</a> <a title="Maximizing Your Personal Productivity page 2" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/f547d03d?page=2"> Maximizing Your Personal Productivity Sample Prog</a>