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<br /> Sponsored by:<br /> Webinar Highights<br /> What Insurance Professionals Should Know About Resilience<br /> And Infrastructure When Planning Catastrophe Management<br /> View the complete webinar at www.bestreview.com/webinars/cats14<br /> Left to right: Laurie Johnson, Kate Ascher, Nadine Silva.<br /> Silva: Interestingly, over the last decade there’s been the<br /> introduction of modeling. While we all know that no model<br /> is perfect, what it has done is it’s introduced a level set, if<br /> you will, around expectations, around return. One of the<br /> biggest challenges that we face today is how do you take that<br /> information, apply it to an individual risk versus a portfolio? How<br /> do you use facts and science to actually make the right risk<br /> decisions including the pricing decisions?<br /> Catastrophes and disasters can be better managed and<br /> recovered from by strengthening resilience <a title="Catastrophe Resiliance - Lexington 2014 page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/0df500a2?page=1"> </a>