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<br /> Sponsored by:<br /> Webinar Highights<br /> Headline: What Insurance Asset Managers Should Know<br /> About Exchange Traded Funds<br /> View the complete webinar at www.bestreview.com/webinars/etf15<br /> Left to right: Stewart Foley, David Abner<br /> enables someone to trade intraday. So you can trade an ETF at<br /> ten in the morning, two in the afternoon or just before the close<br /> of the stock markets at four in the afternoon. It also provides a<br /> standardization of product. So there are not a variety of share<br /> classes with ETFs. Everything is traded. All users utilize the<br /> same share class which trades on the exchange. Lastly, ETFs<br /> typically have lower fees than many of the other products that<br /> have come before.<br /> • With transparency of a portfolio you know every single day<br /> exactly what’s in that portfolio. There’s no question. So it<br /> enables you to tailor your ri<a title="Wisdom Tree 2015 page 1" href="http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/acf6dab8?page=1"> </a>